Advanced Firearms and Tactics for the School Resource Officer

This course is designed to take the SRO's training and critical thinking skills up to the next level. One full day on the range is demanding and better prepares the SRO to funnel out non-essential chaotic information and develop precision shooting skills at relative distances. The scenarios will build upon prior knowledge learned in the basic 3-day course and will challenge each SRO in unique but realistic ways.

Primary objective: To better prepare the school resource officer in identifying and responding to violent and threatening encounters that occur on school property with the goal of maintaining the safety and well being of the educational institutions, students and members of the community.

Advanced live fire training exercises: Advanced shooting exercises: Multiple target engagement, multiple target engagement on the move, partner and team shooting drills, threading the needle of no-shoot subjects, and more.

Advanced Reality-based scenarios in the hallway, classroom, parking lot and school bus.

Prerequisite: Firearms and Tactics for the School Resource Officer

Student requirements: Shatter-resistant eye protection, billed hat, body armor, full duty belt and all duty equipment, including flashlight, Taser, 250 rounds of pistol ammo, 1 box Simunition FX or ATK marking cartridges, if available, converted Simunition weapon or conversion kit, if available. Simunition or ATK helmet or comparable, if available. 1 canister of inert OC, if available. Water and a source of carbohydrate is recommended for each day.

Par-Q - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Contact: Lou Ann Hamblin

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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