Basic Police Cyclist Training


Police and security personnel learn how to safely and effectively conduct patrol operations via mountain bike. The following areas are covered in depth: Maneuvering in various traffic and environmental conditions to include low and high level obstacle clearing, equipment options, fitness and nutrition, legal issues, patrol procedures and tactics, policing techniques, basic bicycle maintenance, patrolling in crowds, foot pursuits, traffic stops, night operations and firearms skills specific to police and armed security cyclists.

REQUIRED BIKE AND RIDER EQUIPMENT: Quality mountain bike (no hybrid or road bikes allowed) with a rear mounted bike rack, kickstand, pedal retention devices, headlight and taillight. ANSI, Snell or CPSC approved bicycle helmet, gloves, shatter resistant eye protection for both day and night rides, and a water bottle or hydration system. Padded cycling shorts, padded cycling gloves, rain and/or cold weather gear. Basic bike repair tools to include: tire irons, spare tubes, tire patch kit, frame pump or air source, Phillips/flat head screwdrivers, and allen wrenches. 250 rounds of ammo, duty rig and vest for range day.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: This course is physically demanding. Ample riding time and a thorough medical exam is highly recommended (Par-Q). ***Please note: The course hours will consist of 8-9 hour days including an afternoon session on day #2. Students will be required to pass a written as well as performance-based test.

Fee is dependant upon 3-4 day schedule, contact us. Includes IPMBA's Complete Guide to Public Safely Cycling 2nd Ed.

Par-Q - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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