Defensive Tactics for the Female Officer

This is a custom two day, hands-on training course and is designed for female officers who are ready to take their tactical and physical skills to the next level. This course is facilitated by an all female cadre of instructors (As seen at Calibre Press, Street Survival for Women). By learning sound concepts and appropriate defensive tactics techniques, officers will build confidence and competence thus responding more appropriately to threats and creating successful outcomes.

Topics include but not limited to:

  • The fighting lioness mindset and training philosophies
  • Functional fitness for the female officer
  • Weapons retention
  • Fighting from the ground up-Use your tools!
  • Close quarter combat for the smaller stature officer
  • Subject control-Whole body concepts
  • Integrating weapon systems-Speed and tactical transitions

Participants should be in good physical condition. Equipment: PT attire with duty belts/gear including: Red guns, blue Tasers, inert OC (if available), water bottle and simple carbohydrate are highly recommended.

Par-Q - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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