Developmental Marksmanship for the Female Shooter - Pistol


Purpose: The purpose of this 2-day class is to improve the female officer shooting performance through classroom exercises and partner skill-building drills in addition to intensive range work. At the end of this class, the female pistol operator will have a much higher level of understanding of the weapon system and an increased ability to deliver it efficiently and effectively, particularly in the area of marksmanship.

Focus areas include: Developmental marksmanship, grip-strength assessment, shooting-specific strength exercises, equipment review and available ergonomic aides, trigger management focus session, individual shooting assessments, performance tracking and self diagnostic tools. (Instructors are welcome)

Requirements: Attendees are required to bring 300 rounds of pistol ammunition, body armor, brimmed hat, wrap around eye protection, ear protection and full duty gear.

Course Fee: $329.00

Contact: Louann@loukatactical.com

"Lou Ann Hamblin: Is an excellent firearms instructor, she takes the extra time to help out struggling students, makes the student become a confident and a skilled shooter. I strongly recommend every female officer to take her courses you will not be disappointed. I took the two-day M16/AR15 firearms shooting class."
Cpl. Julie Duehring-New Ulm, MN. Police Department.

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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