Healthy Nutrition and Weight Management for Law Enforcement

Course Description: Four hours of interactive classroom instruction, discussion, and participation in designing one's own nutrition and weight management plan will be at the forefront of this course. Designed specifically for LEOs, this course takes into account the difficulties for LEOs to practice healthy nutrition, recently unveiled DRIs (replace the old RDAs), the new and multi-faceted MyPyramid (replaces the old Food Guide Pyramid), proper nutrient intake ratios to maximize muscle preservation while maximizing fat loss (carbs, protein, fat). Also covered will be free radicals and antioxidants, alcohol intake, cholesterol, poor nutrition and disease, weight management and how it can affect job performance, health, appearance, and public perception. Participants will learn to assess weight, calorie control and exercise, and they will utilize a professional nutrition program to determine their personal daily caloric needs. They will figure their own proper, safe, and effective weight loss/gain goals, and will be given practical recommendations that can be used on a daily basis during working hours and while off duty.

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