Public Safety Wellness Instructor Course


Upon completing the course, attendees will be authorized to teach fitness and wellness curriculum to in-service police officers, tactical teams, fire fighters, ems professionals, and emergency service academies. They will be qualified to conduct fitness assessments, design appropriate nutrition programs, deliver classroom as well as hands-on fitness and wellness sessions, develop and implement appropriate and functional police/fire/ems academy and in-service fitness sessions whether in a group setting or one-on-one. Classroom topics include fitness assessment implementation, instructor development, job task specific task analysis, anatomy, exercise physiology, bioenergetics, biomechanics, liability issues, developing proper frequency, intensity, duration, and work to rest ratios for peak performance, training adaptations, program design, using heart rate monitors, proper documentation and evaluation, appropriate nutrition education information, exercise psychology, and covering 8 emergency service specific classroom topics.

This course incorporates numerous problem-based learning exercises including identifying and correcting liability issues, conducting a task analysis based on job-specific positions, developing a performance improvement plan, designing appropriate fitness sessions, utilizing an injury report form, designing and critiquing a nutrition program, motivation and behavior change, designing workouts which require little or no equipment, and using a nutrition log.

Hands-on sessions include MCOLES physical fitness test administration procedures, conducting a dynamic warm up, activities which improve peak functional performance for speed, agility, quickness and explosiveness, reactionary drills which improve performance on the street, proper vertical jump technique, muscular endurance activities, correct resistance training technique, administering fitness assessments for in-service personnel, designing proper circuits, incorporating competition to elicit peak intensity, and appropriate team building sessions.


Materials Provided:

  • Public Safety Wellness Instructor Manual
  • Public Safety Wellness Instructional memory stick loaded with all materials, report forms, fitness assessment forms, and power point presentations
  • MCOLES Physical Fitness Test Proctor Manual
  • Kinesiology text book
  • Louka Tactical Instructor e-shirt
  • Louka Tactical water bottle


Participants will also need: Laptop computer, cross trainer gym shoes, workout clothing, NSCA'S Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning Fourth Edition

MCOLES approved, 302 funded.

Contact: Kathy Vonk

Par-Q - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
MedX - Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination

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