Combat Skills for the Female Agent & Police Officer

This is a custom hands-on, multi-weapon course that is designed for both female agents and uniformed officers who are ready to take their tactical and physical skills to the next level. This class is specifically designed to address the uniform and plain clothes deployment of varies weapons and use of force application. By learning sound counter measures attendees will build skills and techniques that will enhance their ability to respond tactically, physically, and mentally regardless of their job assignment.

Areas will cover: Functional fitness, movement and power development, offensive tactics vs. defensive tactics, CQB and plain clothes deployment, fighting to your feet, tac pistol for uniform and plain clothes deployment, tactical shotgun #101 and more...

Attendees are required to bring 500 rounds total of standard pistol ammunition (400 duty pistol rounds. If off-duty weapon or plain clothes is of a different caliber bring 100 rounds for off-duty carry/plain clothes). Plain clothes; including jacket, outer shirt, handbag and shoes (an old pair of heels if applicable to your job or lifestyle). Shotgun and 50 rounds of light load, 10 rounds of 00 buck, 5 slug. Body armor, including tac vest if applies to you, brimmed hat, wrap-around eye protection, ear protection and full duty gear. ***A water source and simple carbohydrate is highly recommended. *Shotguns equipped with Blackhawk! Specops adjustable stocks and forends will be provided if needed and please advise in advance.

Instructor: Lou Ann Hamblin, M.A.

Par-Q - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Contact: Lou Ann Hamblin

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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