Community Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement

The training is designed for law enforcement and the general public and is designed to encourage interaction and dialogue among those attending as well as providing information on traffic law pertaining to cyclists and drivers of vehicles operating near cyclists. The course will cover the basic safe and legal bicycle riding skills, such as lane placement, riding predictably, and all applicable traffic laws. Common myths are debunked and the actual law emphasized. The course will review models for the highway safety triangle to include education, engineering, and enforcement. Best practices for bicycle incident, accident investigation and reporting recommendations as well as acceptable road markings and signage for bicyclists will be covered. The course will end with a dialogue among the attendees, both civilians and officers, on real world situations.

  • Traffic Law Update: Bicyclists and Motorists Operating Near Bicyclists
  • Why and Where People Bicycle
  • The Highway Safety Triangle
  • How Bicycle Crashes Happen
  • Education for Bicycle Safety
  • Enforcement for Bicycle Safety
  • The Police Officer’s Role in Bicycle Safety
  • Bicycle Safety Self-Assessment
  • Building Community Partnerships
  • "Wheel Time" Stories from the Street
  • MCOLES approved

Contact: Kathy Vonk

Additional Info: League of Michigan Bicyclists 888-642-4537 or Email: Rich@LMB.org

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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