Tac Team Fitness Instructor Course (TTFI)

Course Description:


In addition to common subjects presented in basic personal trainer courses (basic anatomy, exercise physiology, bioenergetics, biomechanics, exercise psychology, etc.), participants will engage in numerous problem-based learning (PBL) exercises specific to tactical units and emergency service work. These include conducting a sample task analysis so that appropriate selection standards for position selection and fitness testing can be designed and implemented based on specific job requirements. Other PBLs include identifying and correcting liability issues, developing a performance improvement plan, fitness session design, designing appropriate and safe nutrition programs for peak performance, motivation and behavior change, designing workouts for large groups and those which require little or no equipment.


Participants will also design hands-on sessions including fitness testing procedures, dynamic and task appropriate warm up activities, exercises which improve peak functional performance for speed, agility, quickness and explosiveness, reactionary drills which improve performance as an operator, proper running and jumping mechanics while under load, muscular endurance activities, appropriate and safe resistance training technique to maximize strength, administering fitness assessments for in-service personnel, designing suitable circuits, incorporating competition to elicit maximum intensity, incorporating appropriate work-to-rest ratios based on specific goals and metabolic systems trained, and acceptable team building sessions.

Materials Provided:


Louka Tactical TTFI course manual, memory stick with all presentations modifiable to individual agencies, all materials, report forms, assessment packets, training aids and more. Participants receive a performance material instructor t-shirt and a Louka Tactical water bottle.

Student Requirements:


NSCA'S Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning Fourth Edition, laptop computer, workout clothing, snacks, water or sports drinks for each day. Written and practical tests complete the course. Participants must pass the written test with 70% and practical test with 100% scores.

To request a registration packet: kathyvonk130@gmail.com

Instructor: Kathy Vonk

In addition to learning all subjects covered in a personal trainer certification courses, students will be able to:

  • Design and implement appropriate, challenging, and functional fitness training for teams and individuals in the emergency service professions.
  • Design drills that will maximize an operator’s ability to quickly move, get up, change direction, negotiate stairs and elevation changes, obstacles, make explosive entries - while wearing/carrying necessary tactical gear.
  • Design team fitness strategies that will maximize performance and success at critical times.
  • Design and implement physical fitness and wellness for tactical teams, police officers, fire fighters and TEMS.
  • Conduct fitness assessments, design appropriate nutrition programs, deliver classroom and hands-on fitness and wellness sessions, develop and implement appropriate and functional police/fire/EMS academy and in-service fitness sessions whether in a group setting or one-on-one.

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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