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The title of "leadership" in Law Enforcement often focuses more on rank versus impact. The reality in today's policing is that we are in need of true leadership that has nothing to do with rank and everything to do with people; People who are willing to invest in themselves and in others unconditionally for the greater good. Creating a culture of trainers and training that will last a lifetime requires instructors who understand and believe in their role as true leaders.

As instructors and coaches, do we deliver the necessary training that prepares our team for every battle they may face? And, how do we ensure that the training is timeless in order to prepare officers during the course of their career and beyond? As mentor trainers how do we find our own "sweet spot" in order to best serve the next generation of trainers? This discussion is only the starting point leading into the true meaning and purpose of your role and discovering the true impact of those you teach and develop.

Participants will engage in class discussion and strategic planning in the following areas:

  • Analyze current training performance levels create viable solutions for continuous improvement (Kaizen).
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities of the public safety instructor vs. the roles and responsibilities of the performer (Gilbert's Behavioral Engineering Model).
  • Participants will explore the science of human performance technology and performance improvement and create strategies to implement HPT in their programs.
  • Discuss leadership strategies within your training unit including; Transformational Leadership, Challenging Care with Courageous Conversations (C4), Succession planning within your unit, the "Four Irrefutable Gifts" and "Defining Your Dash-the ultimate impact you have on others within your given timeline."

This 16-hour workshop is suitable for FTOs, supervisors, communications, and all trainers both in-service and the academy.

Instructor: Liam Duggan, St. Paul (Minnesota) Police Department and Lou Ann Hamblin, M.A.

Contact: Lou Ann Hamblin

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