Tac. Pistol: Responding to the Active Shooter

Purpose: This class is designed for officers who may not have immediate access to a long gun while responding to an active killer and situations that require precision at greater distances, crowded environments, engage while moving and operating with partners and teammates.

Training goals: The training goals for the intended target audience are;

  • Improve departmental service through advanced levels of training particularly in active threat situations.
  • Reduce liability in deadly force situations through challenging live fire training exercises relative to the environment of the school resource officer and others who do not have a long gun readily accessible.
  • Improve officer’s handgun skills with a challenging and safe training environment that allows them to explore their current abilities and to provide opportunities to improve performance.

Attendee Requirements:

  • Full duty gear
  • 500 rounds of pistol ammunition (can be supplied at a fair market value, contact vendor; louannblackwidow@aol.com)
  • Body armor
  • Brimmed hat, ear protection, and wrap around shatter resistant eye protection
  • Water or a hydration system and simple form of carbohydrate
  • Proper dress for weather conditions

Cost: $325

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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