Tac. Pistol: Responding to the Active Killer (T-PRAK)

Purpose: This 2-day class is designed for first responders who may not have immediate access to a long gun while responding to an active killer and for situations that require precision at greater distances, crowded environments, engagement while moving while operating solo, with partners and teammates.

Training goals: The training goals for the intended target audience are;

  • Improve organizational service through advanced levels of training particularly in active threat situations.
  • Reduce liability in deadly force situations through challenging live fire training exercises relative to the environment where a long gun is not readily accessible.
  • Improve handgun skills with a challenging and safe training environment that allows for exploration of current abilities and to provide opportunities to improve performance.

Attendee Requirements:

  • Full duty gear
  • 700 rounds of pistol ammunition (can be supplied at a fair market value, contact vendor; louannblackwidow@aol.com)
  • Body armor
  • Brimmed hat, ear protection, and wrap around shatter resistant eye protection
  • Water or a hydration system and simple form of carbohydrate
  • Proper dress for weather conditions

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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