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Vada Murray and Family Photo

Vada Murray Task Force
Vada Murray was an athlete all his life including playing for Bo Schembechler for the University of Michigan from 1986-1990 winning 3 Rose Bowls during this time at Michigan. Rather than playing professional football Vada chose to dedicate his life to public service by becoming a police officer for the City of Ann Arbor where he proudly served 21 years. In 2008 Vada was unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at the age of 41. Neither Vada nor his parents ever smoked. He endured months of chemotherapy and physical and emotional pain but remained determined to win the battle against this unexpected and unfair opponent. Tragically, Vada passed away on April 6th, 2011 at the age of 43. Sarah is aggressively raising awareness and money in order to find a cure for environmental related cancers. Show your support and visit: http://www.vadamurray.com/

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