The Vada Murray Task Force

Vada Murray and Family

Officer Vada Murray served with the City of Ann Arbor Police Department for 21 years. In October, 2008 Vada was experiencing flu like symptoms. A C.T. scan revealed Stage 3b, lung cancer. Vada was 41 years old. He had never smoked and was in phenomenal physical condition. Instead of feeling sorry for himself Vada asked: "What do I have to do? What sacrifices do I have to make to beat this?"

"He (Bo) taught us mental toughness and that no matter what your adversity, roll your sleeves up and smack it in the mouth."

April 6th, 2011 Vada passed at the age of 43. Out of respect and admiration LouKa Tactical trainers, along with members of the Ann Arbor Police Department, continue fundraising efforts to support our friends, Vada and Sarah Murray. We will continue to wear Vada's U of M jersey in every running event and continue to raise awareness of environmental-related cancers.

Show your support and visit: http://www.vadamurray.com/

You can also be a proud owner of a V.Murray (#27) football jersey by contacting his co-worker Henry Forbes at: http://www.1stclasssilkscreening.net

"Fight hard. Stay tough. Never give up!" Coach and legend-Bo Schembechler

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