Building Warrior Woment 3-Day Training Event

Dates: April 29- May 1, 2019
Times: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm
Location: The Columbia Police Department Training and Recruitment
5001 Meyer Industrial Drive, Columbia, MO 65203

Entry: $429.00 (all three days)

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Event Description:

ShootingBuilding Warrior Women: “Philosophical, not occupational.” This is a one of a kind training event designed for women in all facets of the public safety profession who are interested in taking their professional, tactical and physical skills to the next level. This course is facilitated by LouKa Tactical trainers, the nation's most experienced law enforcement instructors who specialize in training female officers in the “hard to kill skills." LouKa co-owner Lou Ann Hamblin has trained nearly 4000 law enforcement women in pistol alone. LouKa's training has recently been featured on PoliceOne.com and Officer.com e-publications

  • Day 1: (8-hour session)
    • Attendees will be inspired Special Ops Commander Captain Penny Phelps from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Key West FL. In her hands-on approach PhD. Phelps will address mastering leadership regardless of rank, mentoring and how developing power bases work in a professional environment.
  • Day 2: (8-hour session)
    • Functional areas include Self Help/Buddy Care and Rescue Techniques, tourniquet application, scenarios and case study review.
  • Day 3: (8-hour session)
    • Participants will experience a full range day of dynamic Survival Pistol Techniques. 300 rounds of ammo and duty gear.
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Building Warrior Women 3-Day Training Event
April 29 - May 1, 2019
Delivered by: LouKa Tactical Training

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